IFF Editions #01 | Anna Zagrodzka, Karolina Wojtas


Date: 20.09.2019 (Friday), 3-9 PM

Place: Fort Institute of Photography, 99 Racławicka St., Fort Mokotów, building 06, Warsaw


It took us a long time to prepare for this months-awaited event. But here they are - IFF Editions!

IFF EDITIONS are photographs of outstanding young and middle generation artists, selected by the team of the Fort Institute of Photography and published in a small, limited number of copies. These pictures, created under the supervision of the authors, who then number and sign each copy, are an interesting proposition for people thinking of starting or expanding their private collections of high-quality pictures.


Date of creation: 2019

Size: 55 x 35 cm

Edition: 50 + 10 AP

Author's signature and numbering: YES

Price: 180 PLN (45 EUR)

For the premiere, we chose 3 photographs by Anna Zagrodzka and Karolina Wojtas, made for the use of the exhibition "The New Collection" by Limanka Fashion House, organised by The Museum of Art in Lodz as a part of the "Prototypes" project.

Photos made by Zagrodzka and Wojtas refer to fashion photography tradition in an unorthodox way. The glamour effect so desired in this type of photo shoots combines the poor, provincial aspirations with the canon of art from the Museum of Łódź collections. At the same time, there is tenderness in these works evoked by the models posing in an uncertain embrace. It is a statement that concerns both personal sphere and vulnerability, as well as what is socially formatted.


ANNA ZAGRODZKA – majored in Photography at the Łódź Film School and in Food Technology at the Łódź University of Technology. In her projects, she studies the relationships between science and art, always preceding her work by a scholarly analysis of the given subject. She combines photography with video installations and sound. Photographer in the architectural and artistic team at the project “Amplifying Nature” at the 16th International Biennale of Architecture – La Biennale Di Venezia (Polish Pavilion, 2018). Laureate of SHOW OFF (Kraków Photomonth) in 2015. Participant of the Sputnik Mentoring Program (2016/2017). Publications: “Subjective Photography in Polish Art 1956 – 1969” (2016); “The Rhythm of Cool Reason” in NOT. FOT. Władysław Hasior: The Photo Notebooks (2017).


KAROLINA WOJTAS (born in 1996) – is a photographer, she studies in Film School Lodz and Institute of Creative Photography in the Czech Republic. She lives in a colorful world of experiment and endless fun. She draws from children’s fantasies and memories. Inspiration may become for her a mess in the garden of her grandfather or a huge slide. Through her exhibition, it is impossible to slip, sometimes covered with brocade or balloons. But you can feel like a child – play, abandon and scrounge.


Reservations for this edition can be made until 19 September 2019 (Thursday). Three works to choose from you can see on this page. Contact us via messenger or send an email to: indicating which picture you wish to reserve and how many copies, and collect your order from Friday, 20 September 2019. We will reply with details for payment and in-store pickup or shipping options.

After 19 September 2019 photos will be available for purchase in our IFF Gallery store.

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