Bodythinking – On the exhibition "This means war" by Agnieszka Rayss


When: 22.09.2019 (Sunday), 11:00 AM. The workshop lasts two hours. Participants are welcome to arrive early to see the exhibition. 

Places are limited – applications accepted by email:

Workshop is open to candidates aged 16+.

Seeing through the body – Experiences and discussion 

‘Seeing’ is not a passive process – information flows in a two-way direction. 

The raw image that is perceived by the eyes is analysed and the mind actively proposes various hypotheses and prescriptions for what we are seeing. Thus, what we ‘see’ comes from a combination of these two processes. 

What is, certainly, less obvious is that seeing does not just occur in our heads. What we see, as well as what we think, evokes a reaction in our bodies. The ability to take notes of these responses can expand our experiences of considering what we are seeing and to enrich our experience of it and our understanding of the world around us. 

As part this workshop, Zuza Sikorska will lead participants through ways of mindfully experiencing this ‘broadened way of seeing’, followed by a discussion – going from an image and through the reaction it elicits up to its analysis and critique. This exercise provides an opportunity for a new, non-verbal way of observing and interacting with art.

On ‘Bodythinking’

A conscious approach to the body that supports the creative process and self-expression. A way to decipher the information coming to us from the body in order to better understand ourselves and our relation to our surroundings, the way we explore the world and make decisions. Workshops and training as part of the ‘bodythinking’ approach are meant to provide information and spur creative experiments in the field.


Zuza Sikorska – ‘Bodythinking’ founder, leader of creative workshops and training around a mindful understanding of the body. For over ten years, she has worked with individuals and groups as a trainer and teacher. Her background is in cultural studies, psychology, singing, techniques of working with the body and breath. Currently, she is studying the analysis of movement (Laban/Bartanieff Movement System) and other methods of developmental and therapeutic work through conscious movement. 

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