The proceedings from the commercial efforts of the gallery help finance the Foundation’s statutory goals and their execution. All photos presented at the IFF Gallery at individual exhibitions are available for sale. Offers of works for sale – including information on each edition, dimensions and prices – can be viewed and downloaded by clicking to the tab of any presented artist.

Who are we here for?

We aim to cater to both the community of experienced collectors and those who are just beginning to consider starting up a collection of contemporary photography.

How do we work?

Write or call us: or +48 609 106 371. We can arrange a meeting, figure out what you are looking for, what interests you, even if you’re not yet sure yourself. Together, we can view various works, discuss contemporary trends and currents that interest you, and we can support you in building your photography collection, step by step, from the decision-making process to framing. We even advise our clients on where and how to hang their newly purchased pieces.

What is the cost?

Only as much as you feel comfortable spending. The IFF gallery offers both prints by young photographers, with prices starting from 250 PLN and photographs by renowned artists, whose works are included in the finest photographic collections in the world, with prices of up to 100,000 PLN. But most of the collectible edition works are between 2,000 and 6,000 PLN, depending on the format and framing options selected.

How long does it take?

Some of the photos are directly available at the gallery, others are printed to order and usually take around 14 - 21 days, including the framing process and door-to-door delivery.

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