Project selection


We exhibit photography that defines us. Images that talk about what is important to our ‘here and now’ and to what we relate to directly in our lives. We focus on photography projects devoted to identity, culture and, in a wider sense, issues related to our particular geographical region and cultural sphere.

We are open to all kinds of photography. Visual arts, contemporary documentary, classic reportage are all valid formats that we consider. However, we emphasise the importance of the universality of a message, which is why we focus on projects that address important social, historical, cultural or political issues related to Polish society as well as the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

The exhibition programme of the IFF Gallery is organised by the Program Team at least 18 months in advance. At the annual Team Meeting, we discuss all the submitted applications.


We accept exhibition proposals only in the form of a PDF file, sent to

The PDF must include:

  • artist's biography, along with exhibitions, prizes, publications,
  • a short description of the project (in five sentences),
  • about 10 - 20 photos,
  • information on the progress of the project,
  • possibly, information on the production status, including the number and dimensions of the works/objects produced/in production.

The file should not exceed 4 mb

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