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IFF Editions are photographs of outstanding young and middle generation artists, selected by the team of the Fort Institute of Photography and published in a small, limited number of copies. These pictures, created under the supervision of the authors, who then number and sign each copy, are an interesting proposition for people thinking of starting or expanding their private collections of high-quality pictures.

Working with photography on a daily basis, we naturally follow young photographers' development at the earliest stages of their careers. We regularly talk to photographers with well-established artistic reputation and we choose classics in search of pictures that, in our opinion, would make a great addition to your private collections, look good on your walls, or make a perfect gift. 

We always select exceptional works – eye-catching, but also communicating relevant content – made by whom we consider the top emerging contemporary photographers in Poland.

Together with the IFF Editions, we offer you a more thorough and personal look at their pictures. We believe that the moment the photographer's work is understood, it becomes a part of the everyday life of another person – it is looked at in different contexts and experienced not as an image, but as an object – it reveals meanings that cannot be experienced otherwise.

Each of the photos published on this website  and shown in the IFF Gallery store will be available in a limited number of copies and come with the theoretical commentary regarding the story of its creation.

Feel invited to share photos that inspire.

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