Workshops in IFF

The Fort Institute of Photography is pleased to invite photographers of all levels of skills and qualifications to photographic workshops as part of a new IFF educational series. The monthly workshops will be conducted by the most outstanding practitioners of global and Polish photography.
Each of the classes, inaugurated in September this year with fashion photography workshops led by Zuza Krajewska, will be devoted to different subjects and practices of photography. With this purpose in mind, each time they will be led by a different artist specialising in a given field. The IFF educators will include the most recognised authors of reportage, conceptual photography and documentaries.
There will be separate recruitment for each workshop. Classes will take place in various conditions: in the studio, in the open air, as well as in new and old IFF spaces. In all cases, after a few days of intensive work under the guidance of an outstanding expert, participants will leave our workshops with unique knowledge and skills that cannot be acquired in any other way than by hands-on experience and practice supervised by an experienced creator.
Upcoming workshops, scheduled for October, November and December 2019 will be led by PaweĊ‚ Bownik, Simon Norfolk, Rob Hornstra and Justyna Mielnikiewicz.