The more I teach the more I realise how difficult it is to edit your own work. I strongly feel that editing is the photographers’ Achilles heel. How many books have we seen, including our own, that could have been much better if we would have done a better editing of our images?
It will be a very intense workshop where we will explore the many aspects of bringing a group of coherent and consistent photographs together. I will look at your best images or your long-term projects (30 images per student). I’ll help you eliminate the weaker photographs, the repetitive ones that dilute the impact of the strong ones. I will assist you in the critical sequencing and pacing of each image. In the process, we will learn more about the photographer’s approach, his or her framing, the intentions, the photographer’s ability to discern from the flow of life in the attempt, often in vain, to extract its essence. 
We will critically analyze several important photographic books pointing out what makes them special and also underscoring the causes of the lowering of tension within the book created by many factors among which the inclusion of less powerful images, the wrong pairing of images, bad graphic choices. 
I imagine this class as two-day of intense photographic sessions (eight  hours daily divided in two sections of four hours each) in which we will listen to the many voices within the group. We will set very high standards for each participant’s body of work in order to reach a combination of strong images that will flow in a harmonious way. 
In addition to that I’ll share with the students two of my future book projects to both show my working method in editing and sequencing a book. I’ll let the students comments on the projects and I’ll hopefully be able to follow some of their advice. It’s what I’ve come to describe as choral editing in which I want to listen to all the voices present within a workshop. This is how I’ve managed to create and self-publish my Cuban trilogy. – Ernesto Bazan
Workshop is conducted by: Ernesto Bazan and Tomasz Tomaszewski
Date: 17-18.03.2018, 10 AM - 6 PM
Place: Fort Institute of Photography (reading room), 99 Rac┼éawicka St., building #01
Cost of two-day workshop: 890 PLN (the price includes two meals, coffee, tea).
In your message, please send a short cover letter with 15 photographs representing a single subject or up to 15 individual pictures, which will reflect your creativity and sensitivity while ordered in an adequate manner during classes.
Files should have 3000 px (long edge) and a resolution of 72 dpi.
As we expect a broad interest in the workshop, we kindly advise you to apply early. The deadline is set for 26.02.2018.