05.10 - 06.10.2019


Workshops with Paweł Bownik


Dates: 5-6.10.2019 (Saturday-Sunday), 10:00 AM - 18:00 PM

Location: Studio 99 (Fort Mokotów, ul. Racławicka 99, Warszawa)

Price: 1230 PLN

Available spots: 10

Applications open: 22.09.2019 (Sunday)

Application deadline: 25.09.2019 (Wednesday)

Payment due: 27.09.2019 (Friday)

We are proud to present a series of two-day photography workshops with the visual artist Paweł Bownik, between the 5th and 6th of October 2019.


Workshop participants learn new ways of considering their own work and expanding their views on what role photography can serve in the realm of contemporary art. Bownik presents the inner workings of the photography set, using artificial light, how to prepare a subject for certain contextual assumptions and how to create one’s own style of lighting and setting up a shot. 

The workshops begin with the theoretical component, made up of a two-hour session on current notions on aesthetics and critiques of contemporary photography, followed by a workshop session and discussion. At each step, participants will have an opportunity to discuss their own projects, with advance submission. 

The second day of the workshop will be spent on practical aspects of image-making in a fully equipped photography studio. The topic of the meeting will be determined by the group altogether, based on the proposals and interests offered by participants. 

We recommend these workshops to artists who are interested in setting their photography practice within the wider spectrum of visual arts and the relevant discourse. In addition, one of the aims is to deepen the understanding central concepts of visual anthropology or the ontology of an object as well as applying these concepts in practice. 

Participants may request a diploma certifying that they completed the workshops, issued by the Fort Institute of Photography.


DAY 1 / Saturday 5.10

  1. Lecture on current notions from photography criticism and the aesthetics of contemporary photography
  2. Open discussion
  3. Individual project consultations

DAY 2 / Sunday 6.10

Practical component: photography of an object as a still life. The subject is determined by the entire group as a whole.

We ask participants to prepare a photography project from their portfolio that they will then consult with the workshop leader on the first day. On the second day, participants will bring their own photography equipment. We ask that all participants are available for an online discussion of the topic for the practical component of the series.


  • the possibility of having a say in the subject of the practical component of the workshops, which is established by the group as a whole
  • access to a fully equipped professional photo studio (Studio 99)
  • optimised group size (limited to 10 participants in total)  
  • certified diploma issued upon completion of the workshop series


  • participants have access to a valuable store of knowledge from the field of contemporary photography and its critique as part of the workshop components: lecture, discussion and consultation of one’s individual project
  • participants have the ability to consider their work in the broader context of visual arts
  • participants have experience working in a professional studio setting
  • participants gain experience in setting up and lighting objects for their individual projects based on their own established contextual assumptions.


Interested candidates should fill out the application form available here.

Candidates who have been selected to take part in the workshops will be notified by e-mail, including payment instructions to cover the cost of the workshop.


The large-format images that Bownik has become known for depict subjects related to youth, the restructuring of accepted values and narratives drawn from history and museum tradition. Bownik’s visual conventions are plucked from cinema, police archives and classical depictions of painting, which are combined into an elaborate map that guides the artist’s work. 

Bownik’s works are included in the collections of Huis Marseille Museum for Photography in Amsterdam, National Library in Warsaw, ING Foundation for Polish Art, Zachęta National Gallery, as well as private collections.  He was nominated for the prestigious Polityka Passport award in 2014. His photography album ‘Disassembly’ received the main prize in the Photographic Publication of the Year in 2014 and was nominated for the Photobook Award Kassel in 2014). For more, see:

In case of any additional questions, please send an email to:

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